House Arrest
2022 - 2023
Thirteen years after relocating from my family home, circumstances such as Covid lockdowns, an economic crisis, and unexpected unemployment compel me to return to my hometown. Here, I witness the familiar daily scenes I grew up with through a renewed and heightened sense of appreciation.

2022 -2023
Discarded items. Desolate locations.

Loneliness remains one of my greatest fears. The occurrences of death, heartbreak, and lost friendships have consistently plunged me into an overwhelming sense of abandonment. To grant them a sense of significance, I capture images of neglected objects and places.

2022 - 2023
Throughout most of my career, the consistent routine of reporting to an office and finding a clean desk every day fostered my appreciation for non-corporate work environments.

2022 - 2023
Amidst the chaos of Beirut, the corniche stands as the sole remaining public space, bearing witness to the unimpeded movement of individuals yearning for a semblance of normalcy within a nation in decline.

35mm | Canonet Ql17

2017 - 2023
Having spent my childhood in a mountain village, being immersed in nature evokes a sense of home within me.

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Beirut / Mt. Lebanon, Lebanon